Friday, June 17, 2011


I call your phone & your phone calls my phone

& that’s how it begins. Simple, right? The tattoo

underneath the tattoo

speaks the language I want to learn. I put my ear

to it, the warm part lip dabbing. Above me, you look

anguished. Then royalty! Then kinda anguished

again. Just remember, a man

invented marriage just like a man invented

months. And windows. And delicacies. The only things

we have to teach each other

are things we already know


the idea of myself that I love

is very different from the idea of myself that you love, but now

we have more control over those ideas – what pic will be your pic

& what people get to see it. I watch the other you

do the other things you love to do & money

showers the room


my abandoned profiles Frankenstein somewhere.

They crawl the dungeons of listservs looking to party.

They have more hair & a lot less money – cigar nubs & mounting

doubt. Let’s load up & hunt the 22 year old online Justin Sirois down

like the confused prick that he is


things got rather Black Metal then. I forgot how to

talk on the phone, I forgot how to pet a dog, I finally

forgot how to burrito. Sadness is pocket-size

& can fill a gymnasium. Somewhere along the way

I got mean. I stopped loving. I sharpened every pencil

in the house. I sewed special pockets into my jeans

for sharpened things. I locked the door. I pulled out

of the driveway. The road ripened

& disappeared




dark-blunder & waste. Tiny assholes* separate the

good stuff from the good stuff


when you Googled & found Justin he was a bit older. Less hair.

More expensive boots. He seemed a little unfocused, but

passionate about something. He wanted to use the word

healthy in place of rad


everything wasn’t lost, though. I eventually remembered

how to burrito. I saw a woman release a jar of

lightning bugs half way through a lackluster summer comedy

& the theatre swooned & everyone took off their shirts. Look!

The shape of my skull started to resemble to shape of

faith & I learn how to properly use a semi-colon & I probably

made you laugh maybe

& that was awesome, too

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