Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Report

A bachelorette party almost did shots off Andrew’s Bush’s 6 pack bush, how early did you start tonight? We have HOLLERS! The Big Easy is just a strip club, really, Johnny Rad’s, eating Tanner’s Pickles (thank you, Evan!), missed the Normal’s party show, bitching about Mark to everyone, sorry everyone, Cabaret Red Light “At Rope’s End” was fun, but underwhelming, it was just nice to be floating on an old ship for an hour, ah, the cover bands of Fells Point, the bartenders at Eggspectation in Columbia were NOT prepared for the Father’s Day rush, bought Child of Eden and sweated my ass off – I found it really difficult to navigate the reticule and the Kinect sensor was confusing which hand I meant to use, but it was fun after I got the hang of it – I’m trying to figure out how important the use of a live action woman is to the narrative, watched some Sons of Anarchy and the last few episodes of season 2 make up for the wandering subplots, made a fire, made a bed, lied in it.

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