Friday, March 22, 2013

I love my guns...but...

Yoko Ono Denounces Gun Violence with a Photo of the Eyeglasses John Lennon Wore the Night He Was Shot.

Most of my friends know I own pistols and rifles. In fact, I own a lot of them. Here's my practical solution that respects the 2nd amendment while keeping "assault" style rifles on the market: 

  • Completely abolish handguns (they are for concealment only) even for police*
  • Limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds unless you have a class 3 license
  • Background checks for all ammunition purchases 
  • Universal background checks for all rifle purchases
  • Mandatory gun locks or gun safes on all rifles stored in private residences 
*I know this would be tough. Maybe a buyback program or tax credit might work, but it seems impossible with how saturated the market is. All you could do is stop future sales and encourage people to turn in their pistols. What do we need pistols for, anyway? 

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