Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Report

Show & Tell is the best new series in Baltimore, Adam Good’s Veiwmaster interpreted by Mina, Adam, and Linda, Joe’s mystery bone, Jamie makes a mean ceviche scallop taco, bought a print at Dina Kelberman’s show, love her veryimportantcomics, danced, drunk, lord, jeez, thinking about the Hate on the Hating Hater anti-Hate party that the UC is going to throw, swept the patio, need to buy more wood, Golden West with Jenica, salt with salt in never really a good idea, you can use a credit card as a tissue, Everly and Rupert’s wedding party was beautiful, we shouldn’t have eaten before going, cutecute house, the mountain music of Maryland, Chris Mason and his daughter, She Bites, cute dangling feets, vanished underwear, WTF? football commentary making our eggs Benedict frown, nap with you on the couch, Chris Mason’s fundraiser worked!, Bovie’s Understanding piece is rad, met my intern Josh for the first time, my ladies, awe.

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