Monday, October 4, 2010

Artist/writer Adam Good re-combines the Understanding Campaign

We’re pretty dang excited to have Adam Good offering up his interdisciplinary services to the Understanding Campaign’s lineup of Kickstarter incentives. Here’s what he’s going to do:


The core of my artistic practice is the sampling and remixing of texts to increase my understanding of a given subject, experience, or life in general. I take a source text (or texts) and remix it into new concepts and descriptions, or I “ask” it a question and remix possible answers. For the Understanding Campaign, I will work with the donor to create a custom “package of understanding” for something they want to understand (a field of knowledge or experience, a specific question, anything). Through an initial consultation, we will identify what they want to understand, and identify sources for me to remix. I will then sample and remix the sources to create a package of artistic materials and tools that will help them understand. This package will include: a box of cards – imprinted with ideas, statements, directions, and considerations – that the recipient can randomly draw from, or rearrange, to increase or trigger understanding; a video of several live remixes for understanding; and a year-long subscription to a private Twitter feed through which I will periodically broadcast new understandings (I will invite other users to the feed at the recipient’s request).

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