Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Report

Shattered Wig book release party for the Tinklers, crashing the bachelorette party, dancing at the Depot with an old crush, Dan runs away, black taco?, St. Benedict – patron saint of the poisoned (this manuscript is getting weird), picked up Mags at Penn Station, DON’T look at the public sculpture, Wharf Rat carbohydrate attack, Sweatpants at the Hexagon, HMM is stoned as fuck, I’s is drunk as shits, Captain Crunch French toast (again), sweating away on the story, boring movie, the WORST dinner in a long time at Red Star, giving away books, Emily Johnson’s in town, this is so much better in Vegas, donated old shirts, ghost shows are lame, first Rainbow Six for $10 (excellent).

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