Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cover design for Joseph Young's Easter Rabbit - Publishing Genius 2009

Painting by Christine Sajecki.

Lots of back and forth on the design for this one, but man, it was worth it. Joe praised the creative freedom and control when working with a small press and I agree; you can't beat this level of collaboration. This project will look amazing when it's done and we only have to wait a week or so.
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Kate said...

You were right, it IS kinda hot!

Justin Sirois said...

Thanks, lady.

NewLights Press: Et Al. said...

That looks great! Can' wait.

Justin Sirois said...

Thanks, Aaron.
It should be out in a week or two.

Joseph Young said...

thanks again, justin. you did all of us--christine, adam, me, yourself--proud.

John Dermot Woods said...

Looks amazing, Justin. Definitely worth the effort.