Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Report

Furtherest From (working title) – vodka snowballs – trapping the cat – transforming into a goat/man, oh – married? should not be thinking about that, classy dinner, Men's Recovery Project - right! sex with fascists, threesomes with despots, Stephanie Barber’s In the Jungle is amazingly scary and great and scary, more writing, Apple Bee’s with Adam Robinson = $2 draft all day – everyday – appetizer sampler – grossness – gay desert shots – sodium coma – Fallout 3 and early to bed, Greg comes over for Batman Arkham Asylum which is really fantastic, ribs ordered from the Woodberry Kitchen and smoked by Greg Magliacane (more fantastic), shrimp galore (yes!), liver pâté (yum), Lauren Bender breaks out the smores, hot fire pit, hotter neighbors, Gorelick is smitten, ghosts of Taxlo, hanged overed, cleaning, more grilling, cleaning, why is that I always have good dreams about you when all you do is make me feel awful?

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