Tuesday, September 8, 2009

blog question of the blog day

So, the main character in the new MS that I'm working on sorta imagines a lot of fun/medieval-ish things like goblins crawling through the trees that surround his house and his brother, Devon, turning into a strange satyr type being. All of this is so natural when you're young. Creativity flows unfettered and the world is magically organic. Jamie mentioned, when he was a kid and playing a lot of D&D, that he used to look for trap doors when his mom took him shopping at department stores. I love it. I used to imagine a force field surround our house before going to bed at night to make myself feel safe - imagining robots and mounted lasers protecting the perimeter.
Question: What did you used to (or still do) see?


Adam R said...

There was a villain in one episode of "Gummy Bears" that fired boomerangs from some device in his boots. I've never been able to shake that, so often while I'm walking around I'm imagining the ability to shoot weapons from my sneaks. It drives me crazy.

Justin Sirois said...

That's a good one. I always see specs of dust on my windshield and pretend they are targeting recitals that I can fire at other cars, signs, planes. Been doing it since I was five or so.

Jenica said...

I sneak-watched a scary movie when I was about four and the bad guys wore those old plastic Halloween masks. After that I was scared to look over the side of my bunk bed because I always saw a plastic Santa or clown face coming out of the darkness. Sometimes I still do if it's too dark to really see.

Oh, and Laura Ingalls Wilder was my imaginary friend. I'd think of ways to explain how things worked, like how would I explain how a car worked to someone who always rode a horse-drawn wagon?