Thursday, January 5, 2017

Amazon's Kindle Scout - paperback rights and cover design with CreateSpace

One of the major perks of Kindle Scout is, when you get a publishing contract, you retain the paperback rights. This can be both positive and negative depending on your skill level. If you're not versed in self-publishing, then it might be a headache to navigate a platform that suites you best. Or it might be expensive to find a book cover designer.
I was excited to know that I have full control over the print version of Two Girls. With Severed Books already running for five years with So Say the Waiters, I have nearly all of my properties printing and selling through Amazon's Create Space website.
Knowing I'll get live updates of sales to books that I price myself is a relief. Making a little over $3 on a $11.99 sale through Amazon is a way better deal than any average author would get through a traditional contract. Without an agent in the way, I'll avoid the 10% off the top fee as well.

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