Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' Playstation 4 commercial a missed opportunity

As much as I like this commercial, I think Sony really missed an amazing opportunity. Think about the subtle and maybe not so subtle power it would have had if they chose two women instead of two men. This would have been the ad that everyone other than gamers would have talked about. It would have appealed to not only hardcore gamers (Sony's key audience), but to minority players. Women are routinely verbally attacked when playing online multi-player games. I've witnessed it myself. If Sony chose to give a nod to this marginalized audience, think about the appeal this ad would have had. Male players would be thrilled to see female players featured. Female players would have been surprised and empowered. Maybe it's time for Microsoft to do a counter ad with badass women having their own perfect day?

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