Friday, March 15, 2013

source material for So Say the Waiters - Taxlo / Taxidermy Lodge vintage photos

All the photos in these posts are from 2004 - 2005. All of these photos are from the later years at Sonar, the larger of the two clubs that housed the Taxidermy Lodge (Taxlo). Originally at The Goodlove bar (2002-2003), Taxlo was billed as the city's largest "indie" dance party. Goodlove burned down, or rather, the DJ booth and third floor burned badly enough to close the club for a year, so Dan MacIntosh of the Talking Head offered us a Monday night slot. I bartended and did promotions as well as the website and social networking. Original lineup for Taxlo was Jason Urick, Greg Maglicane, Dan Rumain, and Mike Singer who was a regular DJ at Goodlove at the time. I was the bartender and promoter and 23 years old when it all started.