Thursday, March 28, 2013

idea for indie book stores to make money off eBooks

Why isn't there a resource for indie book stores (brick and mortar stores) to feature eBooks so they can get a % of the sale? It would be so easy to set up an interface where Smashwords splits the profits according to settings the author dictates. As an author, 25% seem reasonable to me. 

Does something like this exist already? 

Readers still trust indie book stores are curators of culture. They should be rewarded for their efforts. I can imagine the book store would have their own Smashwords page where the owners and employees of the stores could feature and review books. 

This could also work for book reviewers. Give them a pie of the pie for all their reviewing efforts. Right now, Amazon makes a profit from customer reviews. It's unpaid labor. Why not tap that crowd-source and pay the reviewer a little? If a book reviewer is smart, dedicated, and has a following, they should be rewarded for promoting literature. 

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