Wednesday, January 30, 2013


From the intro to So Say the Waiters | book 2:


Haymaker knew he had been seeing things so differently now that kidnApp was established—now that it was thriving in the app stores and in everyone’s pocket. In a way, he felt as if he was living in over half a million pockets—over 600,000 users and climbing. A feature on his administrative version of the app kept him updated on how many users the company had. Their grand total. Their money number. It indicated how many users were passive, just boring voyeurs or if they activated their submit, if they submitted to him—because he knew he could take anyone he wanted—anyone—and this special version of the app showed the small fraction of users who were beautifully exposed Waiters. Those Waiters on the edge of anxiety who he could scoop up at any second. Any of them. 

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