Monday, January 7, 2013

So Say the Waiters and what the fuck is real?

I'm beginning to realize that people, even people who have read the entire first book of So Say the Waiters, are a little confused about what is real. They ask, "How do I download kidnApp?" and "Did you make up the thing about the tire strips? Is that real?" It's wonderful. Sometimes I joke and tell them, "Yeah, kidnApp will be real one day. All it will take is the will to do it." 

I've always been interested in writing fiction about the real world  first Fallujah and the war in Iraq, now this series that is very much based contemporary America. What I'm learning is that there are very subtle ways to tweak our world's existing properties to make a fabulist, but also very convincing, fictional world. The convincing part is key to me. I'm not interested in creating fiction what seems truly dream-like or unbelievable. It's extremely important to me that readers enter my fiction thinking yes, this could happen and, in turn, as they read further, the thought becomes this is happening to me

As these lines get blurred, more and more people are getting interested and downloading The Waiters. It's crazy to see this thing building. 

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