Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Say the Waiters update

The fifth episode is done. This means that the first printed book with episodes 1-5 should be out next month, probably around the 22nd. I can't wait because, if you do get through episode 5, you realize that this whole kidnApp thing has a very complicated history. It takes every once of restraint that I have not to drop hints about the hows and whys of this history and who plays a major role in it. All I have to say is, once you get there, you'll have a real holy shit moment. I promise.

This means the print version of So Say the Waiters will be out in October as well. It should end up being about 300 pages if I crunch the formatting down some. This is exciting because I can finally put it up on Goodreads and do a proper give-away.

So, until then, episodes 2-3 will be bundled together and posted on October 1st for $2.99. Get your clip-on tie, get your handcuffs, and buckle the fuck up. 

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