Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Say the Waiters

Gushing. That's the word. Wrote for 3 hours the first day. 5 hours the next. And now today looks like a 5-6 hour day. Should hit page 40 this afternoon. Revising and sticking to the outline has been a lifesaver. I'm already seeing the circle come around - book one definitely foreshadows lots of development that happens in book 4 and book 7 and later. Keep in mind, these are short 65-70 pages books. 

I think the easiest part is both main characters, even though they are very different, are just like me in my very different stages of life. There was bartender/party promoter me and there is Federal worker/home owner me. Digging out old and meaningful details from my bartending days has been fun. Same with office references that hopefully aren't clichĂ©. I'm pretty sure they're not. What's nice is keeping both characters motivated on basically the same goal - a goal that we all share in life. It makes these characters easy to relate to as they fail over and over.

Dani is going through one terrible quarter life crisis. Her financial situation is awful. her roommate is a selfish drunk. And Baltimore can be a ruthless place to scrape by in. 

Henry's fiancĂ©e has left him with an expensive mortgage and loads of debt. He hates his gray office job. And he's too afraid to make the changes he needs to in order to move past his depression. 

None of these themes are new. What makes it interesting is how these two meet, on what terms and tensions, and how they help each other in ways they never imagined. A professional friendship with odd benefits. 

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