Wednesday, August 8, 2012

feverishly, So Say the Waiters

I've written over 100 pages in eight days. Granted, these book have a lot of dialogue, but that's a record for me. If these books weren't so cerebral, they'd be straight up screen plays, but I do want to keep them as literature-like as possible. There's no way to call them literary. They're just too mainstream.

So yeah, the character development is kind of taking itself over. One of the main characters surprised me when I rewrote a scene to make her so much more complicated and conceptual than I originally planned. I can't go into any more detail without spoiling it her role in the series. 

What I can spoil is I might be planning on a kidnapping sweepstakes as part of the promotions for the books. It will coincide with AWP 2013. I really don't know how it will work quite yet, but it will be modelled after Videogames Adventure Services but with social networking as the driver (because that's what this new series is really about). It will be a "kidnapping" in name only of course. More things to think about there...

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