Friday, July 13, 2012

The Last Book of Baghdad update - "It's when desperation is mistaken for evil that evil becomes most desperate"

After 17 months of work, I'm about 10-15 pages from finishing the first draft. One thing I've learned from this story is pacing. Falcons on the Floor moves pretty slow in comparison to its spin-off; there's way more action and the tension is non-stop from basically page one. I also pulled away from the violence in Falcons. The new novel doesn't. The violence is a key driver for the two intermingling plots. 

What surprises me the most is how a minor character really developed into one of the main people in the novel. And he's by far the most complicated as far as motivations and emotions. I fucking hate him, but can't stop feeling for the guy. That's what I was going for and I think, I hope, it works.

Here's a quote from the first chapter:
It's when desperation is mistaken for evil that evil becomes most desperate. 

Justin Sirois 

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