Friday, May 25, 2012

in the works

So like, after this new manuscript is finished, after I’ve handed it off to an editor and Haneen and my marine friend, I’m going to write – or sit down and try to write – a series of short novels set in current day Baltimore. It’s going to draw from both my bartending / night club promotion days (see Taxlo) and from my Federal office job days (see my current situation). Baltimore readers will recognize The Talking Head (Davis St.) and other locations. And the books will have a lot of MICA, local music scene, and bike culture references.

These novels, and I already know this by outlining for the past few months – maybe longer – they will be a new kind of honest and a new kind of tension that I’ve wanted to explore for a while. And I actually think these books might upset people, but that’s kinda tough to do these days.

I’m also going to admit that this will be my first attempt to write something purely for fun. It’ll be my first writing project that isn’t experimental or political. The series will be available for $5 in print, on Kindle for $2.99 each, 60 – 70 pages a book. They will be fast paced and brutal – in a more cinematic way than my other fiction. That’s all I can reveal right now. 

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