Friday, April 6, 2012

Mike Young asks Haneen Alshujairy

Mike Young

My name is Mike, and we're Facebook friends! Justin Sirois emailed some folks asking them if they'd like to ask you one question about your life, and I said yes, that sounds fun, so here goes. What is one thing you miss from your daily routine as a kid that you wish were in your daily routine as an adult?

I am asking this because it's Spring outside in Baltimore and I just got coffee, but I realized walking around that there used to be this 3-foot high park wall that I would walk on while walking home from school as a kid, and I miss not having any walls to walk on anymore.

Haneen Alshujairy

We are Facebook friends! And I love your profile picture! Always thought it was taken out some Hollywood movie. The thing I miss the most is riding my pink bicycle. I had one as a kid and every time I rode it I had this feeling of owning the street near my home. Amazing feeling!

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