Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edward Mullany asks Haneen Alshujairy

Is there one thing you fear most, or more than other things?

Haneen Alshujairy: 
I think the thing that comes on top of my list is FISH.
I know it’s weird and kind of funny too, but it’s very real. I’m telling you, Edward, I can not look at fish. Not even if it was drawn on a tuna box. And here’s why: When I was little my family and some friends of the family all went on a trip to a very nice place in Iraq, it was a small beach with a big lake that families go to during the summer time. All of my family were sitting on the beach chatting with the other families when I decided to collect rocks from the bottom of the lake, not knowing how to swim. I ended up slipping on some very slippery rocks beneath my feet and I drowned. I don’t know how long I lasted under the water or what I saw when I drowned but all I know is once they took me out it was the start of a fish-phobia – as I like to call it   that caused/still causing me some really embarrassing moments at fish markets, aquariums or mom’s refrigerator.

If you know any people with fish phobias please let me know, I’d love to meet them!

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