Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Falcons on the Floor plugged in Stephen King forum

A senior member of Stephen King's website forum has some kind words to say about Falcons on the Floor. It makes me extremely happy that a reader of King is digging Falcons. I grew up reading Stephen King and even convinced my 6th grade teacher to read the entire class Eyes of the Dragon, out loud, after lunch for half an hour a day. It was the one thing that keep my attendance perfect for those few months. It was mind blowing to have my teacher not only take my reading suggestion, but to have the entire class riveted at the story. Funny enough, King is mention in my novel -- the main character grows up reading his mother's xeroxed copies of Stephen King's books (because they were banned in Iraq during that time). 

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Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

Awesome... you know I have a warm place in my heart for King. But I'm going to walk away and forget that there is such a thing as a Stephen King Forum, fearing time-suck blackhole of Wikipedia-surfing proportions.