Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ethel (Laliberte) Sirois in black face

Yes, this photo was taken during a different time and era (1930's?), but this is the photograph my aunt chose to display, at a kid's eye level, at Ethel (Laliberte) Sirois's wake. A ten-yer-old 2nd couson of mine pointed it out to me. Classy right? I don't fault him at all, just whoever constructed the display. So, this is my grandma in black face, the same woman who told family members she "hopes I never have children" and apparently said some other colorful things I'll never know about. 

After the funeral, my aunt accused me of being a skinhead to my mother. None of this makes sense to me. I've asked for an apology, but, after two months, my aunt hasn't called. All I got was a Thomas Kinkade card in the mail. 

I'm posting this to illustrate what kind of bigotry I've had to rise above. 

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