Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Report

Went to the art opening I was in at the Wind Up Space, my photo (Lauren with Lion Fingers) is the most crass, Mary met Bethany, shared a crepe, shared some bourbon, played MIXTUM at Ryan and Rachel’s, played Scategories, looked at Desert Storm trading cards, talked about slightly enriched uranium, takeout from Golden West is a great thing, watched a few episodes of The Colony – this is probably the only reality show worth watching even though it seem a bit phony sometimes – John C is like that mad scientist uncle you’ve always wanted, hiked Gunpowder, 7 total miles to the damn and back, a picnic table hanging in a tree, three or fifty black dogs running around us, talking about my brother and all that trouble, dinner at Andrew Bush’s house, chicken roll-ups! watched some Firefly, daylight saving poot, off to DC! dinosaurs and taxidermy, trilobites and museum cafes, pointillism is still boring, Hill Country BBQ is pretty darn good, Mary and I decide to get serious about smoking meat (not a pun), the MLK memorial isn’t super impressive, but it’s still impressive, met up with Beth at a bar dedicated to duck hunting, back to Baltimore, watched most of the Ravens game, went to bed unhopeful, woke up relieved. 

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