Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some news

For the past few months I've been brainstorming two new books, one of which I have over 30k words completed, the other is just pages and pages of notes. 

With Falcons on the Floor so close to coming out, I think I'm going back to The Last Book of Baghdad -- which feels right because my mind is in the right place for it now. Over the past few days I've gotten past a real block with the plot; it was just a matter of hard thinking and writing through. The photo above shows some story-boarding on the back of Iraq Most Wanted playing cards. I won't show you a photo of the ski mask I just ordered so I can "get into character". You'll have to drop by my house on a weekday around 3pm to check that out. 

So right now my mission is to mesh The Last Book of Baghdad with Falcons the best I can. And this means in a very subtle way. It's not a sequel, but an extension of the themes. If I do it right, if I do it at all, it will segue into a third and final novel. And that's something I don't want think about for a while.

On the Falcons book tour front, there's a lot of progress there. The ultimate Texas tour might expand into Denver and/or Colorado Springs where Aaron Cohick lives. I'll also have the opportunity to pick up a few rifles that I inherited a while back. Not a bad way to end a book tour.   

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