Thursday, November 3, 2011

Buck Downs *BLACK PEPPERMINT* out now

Lately this blog has been all war and a little bit of video games and then more war. Well, leave it to Buck Down to change all that because I received his new book in the mail and it's a doozie. If you're unfamiliar with Buck, you need to know that he's one of my favorite poets. And I don't like a whole lot of poetry. Buck's poems don't feel like poems -- they feel like a double-barrel shotgun pressed to the top of your sneaker -- they feel like a warm hamburger against your cheek. 

Other than being emotive and brilliant poem-maker, Buck is one of the most generous writers I know; he's been giving away his poems via postcards for years. All you have to do is sign up for his postcards and you get one in the mail every so often. Sometimes I think he might be counterfeiting postage stamps, but no, he just cares about the good word, and his word(s), in turn, are damn good. 

So I urge you to go check out his book. You will be better for it. You will be closer to a person who I know is important to modern poetry. And hot Jesus, the cover of this book is crazy cool:

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