Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Report

Took an awesome nap, got an awesome cigar, picked up Mary, Baltimore Burger Bar in Hampden, like, really? like there’s nothing in this beef? really? games of pool, I finally win, standing outside the Ottobar trying to score tickets to Double Dagger’s last show, Bret McCabe gave us one ticket, Bret – did the bartender tell you I put $10 towards your tab? Dan Deacon and Future Islands are the guests, hells yes, looking down on the surging crowd, ran into Eric Klingman, Double Dagger for over an hour, sweat and screaming and Baltimore is on fire, Golden West for brunch, the Drew Special, met Mary’s sister and boyfriend, cute house, Mia stares at squirrels, taco night, Bananagrams (team style), watched some Firefly and some of this survival series called The Colony, cheese pie from that smoker place in Belvedere Square, what do ya know - they sell Six Points lager here, sun room, smiles, off to the corn maze, feeding the billy goats, one of the goats looks like he’s stuck on a rock, picking pumpkins, Black Hog BBQ is CLOSED! AH! we make mac and cheese with crushed up Funions baked on top, Mary placed Batman, Arkham Asylum, more of The Colony, bed. 

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