Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Report

Picked Mary up from the airport, we bought 6 22oz awesome beers and drank 2 before passing out, off to the shooting range, Mary’s a decent shot with the Henry lever action .22 but not so good with the AR-15, get off our lane, dude with “toe shoes” firing a 12 gauge with slugs, she’s cute as a button – a keeper, too late to hike, random Blake Butler common connection, weird, Celebration at the Metro Gallery, Lands and Peoples… I need to listen to them more, Narrow House meeting went well, nice to see you Bender, hiked Rock State Park, king and queens’ chair, high up, young rock climbers, I wish we couldn’t hear the traffic, eating apple and cheese sandwiches in the middle of the water, slipped on some rocks and almost fell in the river, drinks with Greg, sorry for the snoring and passing out (assy of me), finally packed them books, finally sending something to Alphonso Lingis for all the kind things he’s been sending me, I think I might have finished True Blood season 3, I think, Rage (the game) is weird – it’s very polished, but it’s missing some of those key elements a great narrative gave requires – why doesn’t the weather ever change – I hate the fact that the main character has absolutely no personality or characteristics – you never talk back in conversations so every interaction, no matter how much time the developers spent on voiceovers or gesture, feels generic, it’s not a “conversation” at all – though I like playing it, overall Rage is a tense and beautifully polished, but emotionally vacant first person shooter, after Red Dead Redemption and Fallout, I expect more. 

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