Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Report

Some things will never make it into the weekend report, but I do want to say that I am so incredibly lucky to go through something like that with someone I dearly love, thank you for being beyond awesome, thank you… so… paper airplanes, a jug of water, Chic-Fill-A Polynesian sauce x 4, drinking Colt 45 with an oven mitt on, pot pie, peas, Party Down, Party Down, some more movies and Party Down, watch the rain, you love Limbo for all the right reasons, super pancakes, are you really dunking baby carrots in Polynesian sauce? Dinner with Mary’s parents, her dad and brother love single malt (and know way more about it than I do), the miracle that are Cheerios (I’m just realizing that it’s like Cheery-o like British… ahh!), off to Dave and Aparna’s going away party, pony kegs of heavy beer, one song of Sweat Pants, off to the BMA, over 2,100 people through the door, the auditorium is packed, literally not an empty seat in the house, I somehow nail it while sorta drunk, walking to Rocket in the rain, Greg is hilarious and I can’t wait to co-op Gears 3 with him with 2 TVs on Wednesday, lazy Sunday, homemade biscuits and gravy, playing Hold’em, the Mall, DuClaw, then ½ the Raven’s game, Mary is off to Taranto, Connor Willumsen is working on a Falcons on the Floor poster that will be a promo for preorders – I am too excited.

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