Friday, October 21, 2011

Orlando is the worst city to be young in

Though my reasons are not (strictly) for unemployment reasons, I could have told you that in 1993. My parents moved us there when I was 14. We were completely stone broke. We ate whatever came in a cardboard box from whatever church we went to. We had no health or car insurance. But we had annual passes to Walt Disney World. I'd walk around Adventure Land listening to Green Day on my headphones. I left Orlando right after high school. One day I will write some kinda memoir.

Via the Daily Beast via Thisisn'thappiness.

25 Worst Cities to Be Young

1. Orlando, Fla.
2. Seattle, Wash.
3. Virginia Beach, Va.
4. Birmingham, Ala.
5. Dayton, Ohio
6. Nashville, Tenn.
7. Pittsburgh, Pa.
8. Milwaukee, Wis.
9. Las Vegas, Nev.
10. Louisville, Ky.
11. Columbus, Ohio
12. Riverside, Calif.
13. Houston, Texas
14. Portland, Ore.
15. Dallas, Texas
16. Honolulu, Hawaii
17. Denver, Colo.
18. Richmond, Va.
19. Philadelphia, Pa.
20. Rochester, N.Y.
21. Jacksonville, Fla.
22. Cincinnati, Ohio
23. Charlotte, N.C.
24. Tampa, Fla.
25. San Francisco, Calif.

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