Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Report

Parents arrived on Tuesday afternoon, dinner at Woodberry Kitchen with them and Mary, off to Frederick, shops and shops, $3 awesome vintage shirt, Black Hog BBQ is awesome, went to see Drive (kinda too hip, but still fun), water taxi, walking around, Warf Rat, Air and Space Museum, National Portrait Gallery, wearing backpacks on their front-parts, Ben’s Chili Bowl, watched some Deadwood, air mattresses keeps deflating and making me a plastic smothered man-taco, trying to finish my City Paper interview for the Big Books issue, Alphonso Lingis sent me an inscribed copy of The Open Swimmer, Tapas was a surprising success, Baltimore Lit Party was great, Adam and Steph’s giant book, parents worked the merch table, Blake is still a role player and I love him, Lauren Bender and Dorethea Lasky dedicated poems to me (one about Marfa, one about assholes), what is this woman talking about? email me at 1pm, feeling exhausted, Baltimore Book Fest, the Peabody’s library, HOLY SHIT, kept my reading under 6 minutes, riding the mustache with Jamie GP and Mina, darts with Mom and Dad at Liam’s, G West’s biscuits and gravy, Old Ellicott City’s antique shops, egg cups, air port, watched Hesher with Mary, what a screwed movie.

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