Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Report

Derek’s hair, should I bother with that new Miranda July movie? Sasha Gray does get kinda dark sometimes, huh? 13.5 again, cool cousin, made breakfast – last minute mushroom veggie burger in eggs was a brilliant idea – read and lounged and read and games, dropped by the BMA to see the Baker awards show - looks great! the Post Typography wallpaper is amazing, Hampden Fest, no I’m not going to say hi to 35 people, silly! War on Women, if we could only just shit our pants, 13.5 again, this food is too small, met Mike (the brother), margaritas inside little plastic guitars, can’t find Phil, sharing a 40 with you, Micro Kingdom on the street, cigar time, Mary blasts me in pool TWICE in a row, LIVING ON A PRAYER, got us into Taxlo for free, dance storm, “that girl wants your nuts”, these boots are killing me, foot rub that I barely remember, best fucking brunch at Woodberry – biscuits and gravy and eggs Bene and sage sausage and homemade scrapple, shopping for Sam and Shaun’s wedding, ½ the Raven’s game at Hooter’s (really!), this place is a soggy MESS, Patriot day hair, back home, grilled cheeses with apple and honey mustard, Let the Right One In, I hope the neighbors didn’t hear all that, when will this rain end?

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