Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Report

Heidi’s opening for her board game MIXTUM, Dan Deacon and Future Islands is sold out so Mary and I sit on the sidewalk and drink Colt 45 and listen, yes, the horse on my arm is half the Colt 45 logo, a girl offers us two free wrist bands, we get in, “you look handsome”, Andrew is back in town, I hugged him till I shook, the jerk chicken at Dionysus is something you need to experience, Ryan and Rachel’s house, talking about Dan Rodrick’s ridiculously pedestrian (moronic?) questions, talking about murals and public art policy, talking about pumpkins, I love your friends, prepping for the “hurricane”, ice, beer, water, meat, ice, whiskey, candles, flashlights, ice, Jamie and Mags and Mina come over, Mags gets stunk by a wasp on the head, Mary comes over, unimpressive wind, I show Jamie Deus Ex, crab pizza from Pizza Bolis is okay, Astro Boy, then some Firefly until the power goes out, listening to the radio (Janet Jackson's Escapade) and drinking Markers Mark while the wind howls, lanterns in the bedrooms, shadows in the wind, a MASSIVE tree split down the middle and took out my neighbor’s two tier deck and some of his room, power lines down, no power for days? weeks? off to Dave and Buster’s where Jamie introduces me to Qix – I’m a bit obsessed now – need to go back, skee ball and shooters, sad looking adults with big cups of tickets for silly prizes, back to Jamie’s for super burgers, watched a bit of some dinosaur “Sea Monsters” doc, crashed on the couch.

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Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

I'm down for more Qix anytime... And I'd bet
Kimball would be, too.