Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Report

Packed Dan’s stuff in the Element, antlers and the Mexican voodoo skull, no Gold Rush sandwich for us, we smoke a cigar, we see some wild people, unloading, kittens behind the shed, Barcade in Jersey City, nice to see all the Rye Coalition guys, Dan’s amazing DVD design, she’s HOW old? Dan and I play Contra and Golden Axe, I wanted to try those weird pickled deviled eggs, but they were all out, shopping for pizzas at midnight, throwing Choco Tacos, killing time before the wedding, The Coach House (DO NOT order the Nacho sandwich), this crazy tear drop monument to 9-11 given to us by Russia and signed by Putin, Dan buys Portal 2, Dan loves Portal 2, I borrow a belt, meet Ryan Schneider and Dana at their house, cute cats! off to Andy and Nicole’s wedding reception, it’s like a MICA and Florida reunion, Mike Long looks great, the food, THE FOOD! back at Ryan’s, I borrow some shorts, turned in early, left for home at 11:30am and sat in traffic for over six hours, I’ve never been that elated to see a Cracker Barrel in my life, why am I the only person in this place with cowboy boots? Oh, I’m still in NJ, Aaron Cohick’s (Newlights Press) broadsides are on my front porch, sign them and mail back, feeling awfully sickly, no work, bought frames for the broadsides I got to keep, saw The Devil’s Double – it was pretty good, if it weren’t mostly true then it wouldn’t be nearly as amazing, but overall I’m glad a movie like that exists, can you have too many framed art pieces in one house? Dinosaur poop on our colds!

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