Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Report

More outlining The Last Book of Baghdad – the Interpreter’s plot is getting more elaborate – trying to map the action and how he develops, beers and whiskey on Joe Young’s stoop, talked about writing processes and faith in where creativity comes from, bar hoping a bit – Rocket, Club Chuck, Dio – guessing people’s majors, Joe will talk to just about anyone, I like that, wanted to write but it wasn’t working out, walked around the mall, tried to by an ink blotter but the line at Michael’s was crazy, The Trip is one of the best comedies I’ve seen maybe ever – there’re tender and vulnerable scenes that surprise you and elevate the film to something beautiful, of course Woodberry is packed, The Corner with Mary, yes Anchor Steam is always okay, upside-down horseshoes, goat cheese times 5, duck and pork loin, hawk migrations, back to Woodberry for cocktails, mysterious jars of dark matter, those freckles, the light through the curtained comforter, rewake smiling, never made it to Ikea, made Lauren and Eric dinner, watched Winter’s bone, Eric takes very close up photos of a giant spider in my back yard, played Gears 2 with Eric of seven minutes, goodnight Philly.

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