Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Report

Grace Garden with Dan and Shaun and Gorelick, two types of pork belly, candied eggplant, carnival calamari, the waitress hates us and we love her for it, sugar bombs at Friendly’s, visited Greg at Woodberry, Dan thinks people waiting to use the bathroom heard him barf, one last one at Rocket, oh, hey, this Safeway is so much better than my old Super Fresh and it’s right by my house – now I’m happy, off to “The Shire”, super spiders, Phil Cashiola makes the youcanhascheezeburgers which have two grilled cheese sandwiches on garlic Texas toast for buns plus is butter gorgonzola mushroom spread that was absolutely delicious, beat ass on Kinect, dog farts, cat farts, Jamie and Mag’s new house is beautiful (can I house sit… please, please?), afternoon in the pool with Jamie and Mags and Mina, they gave me a leather love seat that somehow fit in my Element, Fluid Movement with Neena, I’m really not sure if there’s a story here, Sticky Rice, reminiscing about Taxlo, Christians in Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers, Resurrection in a can, you are cool. 

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