Friday, August 5, 2011


we don’t talk just to hear ourselves, we talk

to hear ourselves – you can tell people what they want to hear

as long as you’re in love with the idea too. They will

believe you. Hey, that tree over there, that

tree over there did something miraculous & we both

missed it because we were talking. You walk up to the

tree & ask


let’s not focus on what we shouldn’t be saying. Instead

let’s focus on how great this beer is &

how moderation is sexy. Dinosaur jokes never get old

because they were around way longer than man. There’re

conflicting wikis on this, but a very depressed pterodactyl

told the first knock-knock joke. It went like this


no one ever said, “Jesus, a poem would be really good

right about now.” – mainly because the rules of dating

have changed a bit, and it’s possible to talk about

the transaction while the transaction is happening.

There’s faith in every gesture. Even running is faith-based.

I fall a little off my stool. Laugh. Lose my car. You like

that part, too. No one ever said, “That tree

would look much better on fire.” No one

ever said


we listen to the tree, but it speaks tree language &

we have no idea what the fuck it’s saying. Things I don’t say:

Uday had a golden Kalashnikov. Uday fed women to feral dogs.

Uday electrocuted men’s testicles black. I wonder

more about the words between your words –

how your laugh-germ glees & subsides – how the

infectious stare leads me there


there are nations where, in order to qualify for public

office, you have to be a proficient skeet shooter. I

am saving all my rainy day money to visit this country,

and I hope you will join me

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