Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Report

Got to see Lauren’s new apartment, she bought the same lamp as me, took her and Eric to Liam Flynn’s, veggie crepe with uber cilantro, Club Chuck and Linda from Ugly Duck Press, no Annapolis, meeting with Adam about Falcons, talking the cover, talking the promo, tried to go to Outback, tried to go to Natcho Mama’s, ended up at some sick hotdog place, edits and brainstorming The Last Book of Baghdad, holy shit it’s hot at Cyclopes, Adam and Steph sing a singing thing, Normal’s night at Golden West in ole Hampden, got recognized from the Understanding Campaign twice – now all I need to do is figure out what the hell the UC is going to be, the economist is Portuguese sorta, the French twins, meandering, food shopping, finally got a HDMI cable for the new xBox, yeah… it looks a lot better, figured out the audio problem, Cedar Rapids makes me miss all those lousy press sheet inspections in Des Moines and wherever.

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