Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Report

Artscape at night, hanging outside Club Chuck with Joe Young, planted grass on the sidewalk... thank you for the hug and the butterflies, please pour me less Beam - the bartenders are really trying to murder me, outside the Tav, I ate some pig ear from Hunan Taste, it was pretty great, screw your Yeungling, everyone is moving to Spain, Indie Lit Summit in DC, keynote speech by Andy Hunter of Electronic Literature, this is making me feel great about Baltimore, thinking about POD for Narrow House as long as the matte covers look/feel good, Jamie bought me coffee (*wink), veggie chili coming out of your mustache, picked up Christian TeBordo and Adam Novy, brought them to “Special Burger” for the best burgers in Baltimore, then they read, they we partied,  talking about rifles with Sarah's BF, US vs. Japan soccer game at Dionysus Baltimore, their food gets better and better, Christ we have a big awesome group here, Jamie tries to order bananas foster, Artscape is so, so, so gross and awesome, chicken art, Fiaaaaart! indie game showcase at MICA, PRIMAL RAGE! Galaga 3! feeling sun-stroked and beer-fatigued, early to bed, called out on Monday, grilled some BBQ chicken by myself, YHTHTFATWIG and IWYWGMCABH and goodnight.

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Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

The foster was your idea, but I would've gladly eaten it.