Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Report

Dave and Aparna’s house for drinks, explaining Falcons is always an ordeal, cutest cats in Federal Hill, going to miss you guys, complaining about Mark with Dave, why do I always end up at Dionysus? edits in the morning, my receiver blew, softball with Michael Kimball and Adam Robinson and Joan and friends, Michael taught me how to hit (kinda), Sondheim awards, why are those sculptures hung so high? these landscapes are beautifully boring, I said I love you for Steph’s video, Matt Porterfield took the prize, I guess that makes his blurb for DMBSTRCK more awesome? pizza place on 25th and St. Paul, arm wrestling Dave Nesmith, I think I hit Joan in the arm, made Patrice radical French toast, slept, Breaking Bad season 3.

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