Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Report

Weekend really started when I threw Mark out of my house - literally stacking his shit on my front porch until 1am, goodbye hoodie rockin' manchild, Rocket to Venus with the gang, Michael Kimball in Oprah Magazine, Lauren Bender’s Show and Tell series without Lauren Bender, Chris and Aparna wrote Lauren a cute limerick, modern jackass, Linda Franklin got mine: the terraformation of Mars, ended up at Phil’s drinking corn whiskey, epic meal time and dry blow jobs, Falcons edits, moved my bedroom into the room that Mark was “renting” (kinda just stealing) from me, somehow disassembled my Ikea bed and reassembled it without losing my mind, bought a lamp, but my first new alarm clock in 14 years, stood looking at my awesome new bedroom for half an hour, birthday party with Patrice, Andrew’s going away party, talking about Middle East politics, thank you for the beer, I hate signing books, more edits, watched a show about OCD and immediately started cleaning the house, felt great, felt sad, these Tom Clancy games are so good, listened to the fireworks from my bed with some Ardbeg.

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