Friday, July 15, 2011

Papo y Yo - another puzzle game for the indie lit crowd

From what little I know, I don't think this game will have the visual impact of Limbo's minimal execution, but the fantastical elements are really clever. It reminds me of Shane Jone's Light Boxes for some reason (boxes on heads, fighting off the "invisible"). I'm happy to see small studios pushing the envelope with these shorter, downloadable games. I hope it will influence the bigger developers to be more innovative and take more chances.  MORE HERE and HERE.

While I'm on the topic of games, the fall is shaping up to be a first-person-shooter Utopia:

Gears of War 3 promises to be the longest campaign of the series. I love a good cover system and this franchise has a feel of its own. I like how they slimmed down the character design for the third installment, too. The COGs (good guys) were getting clownishly thick. Promising additions include a mech that doubles as mobile 2nd player cover and some underground digger RPG thing. System link co-op will make me buy another TV for my 2nd xBox (for Greg Magliacane mostly).

Rage looks like a more comic book version of Fallout 3, but with smooth mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and AI that seems - in the demos at least - pretty smart. Maybe it's Borderlands and Fallout all mashed up with an easier to follow story. Either way, the action look fierce. There's something real feeling in the unreal-ness of it. Did I really say that? I only wish the game had a cooler title.

Deus Ex, Human Revolution is Blade Runner meets Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell meets I don't know what. This polished first person shooter looks like nothing else out there. It's as well produced as any big studio Hollywood blockbuster. The developers are pushing the variety of game play -- you can go in guns blazing or use a stealth approach. Apparently you can complete the whole campaign without killing a single person. But holy craps, you can punch through brick walls to reach someone and twist their head off. Why not?

Battlefield 3 isn't just another military shooter. Just to make myself clear, I am so sick of linear, shitily written modern war games, but the lighting physics, destructible environments, and audio on this one will make me buy it. Downright creepy-real. Battlefield 2 was impressive as well. The destructible environments meant no cover was completely safe. That makes for a manic and fun shooter if the AI is smart enough to "create" their own cover once they are exposed.

Other games in the rental queue:

From the creators of Black - Body Count:

I hate zombies but - Dead Island:

Fun with Kinect (if your arms don't break off). Seriously, Kinect (Microsoft) needs to adapt some kind of pistol if I'm going to bother with shooters for this platform. I understand the illusion this game is trying to create, but it just looks goofy. Gunstringer

And VOLTRON the GAME? This better not be a joke:

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"But holy craps, you can punch through brick walls to reach someone and twist their head off. Why not?"