Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Report

Aftermath at the Creative Alliance had me close to tears – if you have the opportunity to see this anywhere, please do, spoke to people about the UCampaign, looks like ISP sold a lot of UC stuff for ISP (yes!), Rites from Chicago played in Phil Cash’s basement, crazy-dance-craze, tried to see Dope Body at Golden West, but left to go back to the party, Red Lobster Falcons on the Floor editorial meeting with Adam Robinson went really well, there’s one change that’s going to make the novel feel way more powerful, Lauren and Tim’s surprise picnic was actually a surprise, we got bust from drinking, oh well, Chris Toll’s book release party: everyone love Toll, I traded a beer for a Nerf gun, Sweatpants nailed it, I got recognized at Bob Evans, made awesome basil/tomato/goat cheese/garlic pizza, Blue Valentine with Patrice, ice creams, late dreams, and now this morning we (Office of Publications) find out we are merging with The Office of Communications which is perfect because I’ve been trying to work for them for 6 years.

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