Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Report

A giant roach at Joe Squared nearly attacked the woman sitting next to me (other people’s checks got comped but ours didn’t? I love the place, but c'mon), Manal Omar read from Barefoot in Baghdad at the ISP fundraiser (the Al Mutanabbi Street section is my favorite), gave ISP our UC check, drawing an exquisite corpse with Dan and Patrice and Kris and some strangers, read from Falcons for the first time, Eggspectation super eggs Benedict, chicken rollup dinner at Andrew’s house was home cooking comfort delicious, watching heat lightning on the roof, Lauren tells her knock-knock joke for the 67th time, finished Hunted (XBox), eh, not so great, but really fun to play, met Ahmed from the Iraqi Student Project, I had to break the news that sausage is made from pork, sorry Ahmed, he agreed to help me with the Falcons book trailer, reading Michael Kimball’s Us, Fariah in Huston emailed me this, I think I’ve got all them bases covered, Red Sammy album release party, Adam Robinson’s cover was brilliant, new UC video made my night.


Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

And the cover was?

Justin Sirois said...

Of a Red Sammy song. Something about sharks?