Thursday, June 23, 2011

moleskine - DMBSTRCK (ex 1993) and some old Mallet sketches

On the left are some early sketches  for DMBSTRCK and the novel's layout. Originally Chic's voice/text was going to be embedded in the middle of the book, straight through the main narrative. Right now Chic's voice/text runs along the bottom like a footer. It's a bit easier on the eyes that way. The idea for torn notebook pages stayed the same; Chic's text is literally taring into the main text, but it's reversed (white text on a black background). His voice is fighting for attention.

On the right are some drawings of old comic book characters I used to draw in highschool. Mallet is the bald, flat headed thing. I can't remember the name of the old bald guy. About every other year I get all nostalgic for those characters. I think I drew this page at BWI airport about a year ago when I was on my way to Chicago.

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