Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(late) Weekend Report

The new Two Boots in Mount Vernon with Lauren bender, it took 45 minutes to get our pizza but it was pretty awesome, did a quick crit of Phil Cashiola’s graphic design portfolio, that guy with two names… he’s like 26 and he still brags about how drunk he gets, GROW UP, Frazier’s is Frazier’s, met some good people at Woodberry, "I know about 1/2 your lit professors at Goucher", then Rocket? yeah, I keep having these great dreams about someone great but they just make me feel like total shit in the morning, edits and edits and Falcons is shaping up well, stayed in because I was tired and I got poison ivy and I just wanted to play Hunted (new xBox game), sorry Shaun, edits over coffee and itchy poisoned arms, BBQ at Greg’s, goat cheese salmon super ball-dip via Jamie and Mags, SO GOOD! I’m going to stay in Baltimore and get as debt free as possible so I can retire wicked early and live most of the time in the desert because I can’t think of anything that would make me happier, Frisbee is still super fun, too much wine, too much everything, my body is not happy with me, but I am happy with my body.

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Jamie Gaughran-Perez said...

BBQs all day, every day. More fun, more frequently. More fresh air. More love.