Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Falcons on the Floor update

After two meetings with Adam Robinson, I'm thrilled with the edits we're making to the novel. Without ruining anything, we've moved a bit of the plot around to make it more conceptually compelling and, in my opinion, more emotionally powerful. It's already an emotional book, but this new approach makes my heart ache. I love that this story feels so damn real, as if Salim and Khalil are historical figures. I hope they do their job by putting a face to the tragedies that happened in Fallujah and Ramadi.

We're reworking the cover as well. I really want it to resemble MLKNG SCKLS, but have its own feel. No text on the front. Title, author, USB, and press name on the spine. It's getting there. And the blurbs from Dahr Jamail (recently hired by Al Jazeera English... YES!) and Alphonso Lingis make me feel like we've got a special book to offer.

The release date has been pushed back a bit, but for the better. Very much so. More soon.

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