Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Report

Felt like a whole day of edits on Falcons, Kris F and Lauren Bender at Rocket, drama with a famous woman’s daughter, oh… your arm got fat, ran into Val and Phu and Joe and Andrew and some birthday madness, chef at Dionysus says I look cute in the Baltimore Magazine interview (which I still haven’t seen yet), off to Ocean City with Patrice, kenneled the dog, no traffic, the new condo is beautiful – ocean-side and bright, 60,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, automatic storm shutters, cute old TVs, Ocean City is too loud! this pizza is wet, “I have money… give me shots”, walk on the beach, nap, Osama Bin Laden t-shirts on the boardwalk (Rest in Piss?), ate at The Brass Balls which wasn’t a bad place at all, Julietta got us on the list at The Purple Moose, ultimate cover band named Temple of the Candle Chair, shots from some drunk shot guy, shots from some little Marine guy, Fireball Whiskey, this is getting very Jersey Shore, Patrice has a headache when we wake up, long beach walk, my head gets burnt, Rehoboth for the night, some traffic, people watching, house ogling, Dogfish Head dinner and amazing drinks, this beach is way classier, Throw Mamma from the Train, whaaat? crepes and fruit and cheese and wow, naps, clean, drive, the biggest beer from there to here, and I am smitten with my arctic cocoon called my bedroom.

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