Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Report

The bartenders at Golden West are too nice to me, Words with Friends is ruining my friendships, Hans down from NYC, conversations about early marriage and civil service and and and, I can spot that smile from all the way across the club, the bartenders at Club Charles are too nice to me, meeting with Adam about Falcons – I’ve got a bit of restructuring to do, Applebee’s steak isn’t the one I really wanted, 5:10, met Kris’ dad, Joe Riipi and his dad, Scott McClanahan is a well dressed man, cool Philly people, best graffiti in Baltimore (Squidbillies?) tried to get to Shaun’s fire, pterodactyl shots? The Crazy Russian with Patrice, this place is very Killing of a Chinese Bookie, funny looks at the dinner, planning Memorial Day beach weekend, transgender gal to guy at TJ’s is impressively transgender, profound Sunday melancholy, made a steak with goat cheese, finally started re-watching Mad Men season 4, more LA Noire.

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